"Only I can change my life. Nobody can do it for me." -Carol Burnett

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From the Bunker - Show #269

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So to those Carollers interested…

I’ve dragged my old behind into the 21st century. I have a kik. You can find me there under the name florencefallon (how original!) or the email teamstany@yahoo.com.

I’ve listened to this week’s episode of From The Bunker, so I’m ready to chat! :D

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I think we Carollers should message each other about tonight’s ep of “From the Bunker”.


Those of us who’ve listened to it, anyway.

I mean, there’s SO MUCH to talk about…

I haven’t had a chance to listen yet, but will be today. Can I join???

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Joe at daughter Kathi’s wedding :)

aww! I’ve heard Jody speak of Kathi on From The Bunker a few times…

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From the Bunker - Show #215



I second that!

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Jody Hamilton, host of perhaps the greatest podcast of all time From The Bunker. Proof that her disdain of having her picture taken began at the very beginning of her existence.

By the way, if you haven’t heard her show, click the link. I keep telling you people! It’s awesome. Tell them Brittany sent you.

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Florence Fallon’s list of Internet favorites!

So, since it is the holiday season, I wanted to give a little something to my fellow tumblr friends. Considering I only know two people in real life in all of tumblrdom, it would be very difficult for me to provide an actual, tangible gift. This is why I’ve chosen to share with everyone some of my favorite bloggers (both tumblr and non-tumblr) and the reasons I love them. I am doing this from my iPad, so here’s hoping autocorrect doesn’t screw this up for me.

Here we go, in no particular order…

The Chick
Anyone who spends anytime following my blog knows The Chick is my tumblr twin. We have lots of interests which coincide with one another’s and are always reblogging each other. I love her for her skill in the art of gif sets and for her liberal and unabashed use if Carol Burnett reaction gifs. The Chick is obviously a computer genius. I stand in awe of your skill in all forms of electronic editing. She can make a celebrity tribute video that will leave you speechless. She has a unique gift for connecting the most unlikely of things. Anyone who can bring a quote from Beavis and Butthead or the Nostalgia Critic back to Carol Burnett deserves serious respect. *standing slow-clapping ovation to my one tumblr friend who still maintains her anonymity online.*

For someone who has suffered a lot in a short lifetime, Shay is a very open-hearted, giving person who is always available with advice for people who are hurting. Us Carollers (a term coined by The Chick above) tend to hang in a tight tumblr pack, and Shay is one if the founding members. You GO Shayla Strong!

The moment I read her bio and found in her list of credentials a “Ph.D in Carol Burnett” I knew I would be her devoted fan forever. A fellow Caroller and From The Bunker devotee, Libby shares an unusual situation with me. Carol Burnett inspired us and changed our lives for the better in some way. She also has a degree in US History (as if Doctor of Carol Burnett wasn’t enough), which happens to be my favorite subject and something I am still addicted to today. I raise my glass of non-alcoholic beverage to you Libby!

My very first tumblr friend and one of only a handful of people I know of who is as addicted to Barbara Stanwyck as I am. We’ve spent countless hours gushing and squeeing over Missy. The first person I could ever share my utter devotion to Missy with. If you have an old Hollywood question, this girl can hook you up! Much love dear M-Wyck!

One if my newest tumblr friends and fast becoming one of my favorite people. She is just awesome at life. Another true Stanwyck fan, she shares a shameless love of the Missy Blackglama photo with me. We share similarities in fandom and in life. This girl is awesome. FOLLOW HER!

From The Bunker
This isn’t a tumblr blog, or even a blog at all, but my favorite podcast. I can’t say enough good things about Jody Hamilton and Rick Beatty. They produce one of, if not the most entertaining, funniest current events/political podcasts on the Internet. I discovered them due to the fact that Jody is Carol Burnett’s daughter and that was the only reason I listened to one of their shows. One was all it took, because that was months ago and I haven’t missed a show since. They truly appreciate their listeners and are basically the only way I keep up with what is going on in the world of politics. Jody feels like a friend even though she and I are not friends or have ever even met each other. Her warm attitude and fun sense if humor draws you in and makes you feel like you’ve known her forever. Go listen to these two. THEY SPEAKS DA TROOF.

This is getting long so the rest is the condensed version.

The Stanwyck Blogs
These blogs make tumblr worth visiting. They aren’t all Stanwyck-related, but they have enough quality Stanwyck content that they easily fit into this category. Tumblr has a collection of talented people who worship Missy like me and I am forever their fans:

Others deserving mention:

There are so many more I need to mention but frankly I’m out if time and out of room. If you weren’t mentioned please don’t take it personally. I adore each and every blog I follow. Here’s to you all for a fun and happy holiday!

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Just listened to the latest From The Bunker episode

Great as always, but one question…who told Jody about my tribute to Carrie?! Thank you it was very kind and its nice to know she saw it and liked it! But I sure didn’t tell her about it! ??

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Show #194 of From the Bunker is up!






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I just got my From the Bunker autograph!


So why no photo?

Well, let’s just say it isn’t addressed to “The Chick”…

Whoa whoa whoa whoa…wait.

You mean to tell me you gave Jody and Rick your…


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