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I’m so sick I want to die!

It doesn’t get more miserable than excruciating post op back pain combined with a sinus infection and bad cough. I can barely cough enough to do any good due to the intense pain it causes in my back. If this doesn’t become pneumonia I’ll be lucky. Plus it’s cold and rainy outside.


At least my pain meds do have a cough suppressing effect…and my mom is literally catering to my every need. 

Hearing Martha Long answer my question…say my NAME…

GOD IN HEAVEN.  I can die happy.

Yeah ok, basically there aren’t enough gifs to express my feelings.  If you haven’t read Martha’s book, DO IT. It will change you. 

This movie…

This movie…

Just watched Carol Burnett’s episode on Law and Order SVU…

Many may wonder why I didn’t just skip ahead to her episode, seeing as how I’m a die-hard Carol fan.  Believe me I was tempted, but like Carol, I am a purist.  I wanted to start at the beginning.  I’ve known for a while that Carol’s episode was “out there” but I never let myself think about it too much to save myself the temptation.  Well tonight I finally reached the Ballerina episode.

My thoughts were as follows (in the order I thought of them):

  • I’m so excited I’ve finally made it!  This should be a good episode.  Just seeing Carol’s face is enough.
  • I know Mariska loved working with Carol, she must have had to fight a serious urge to give her one of those hugs where you end up wrapping both legs around the other person because you’re so in love with them.  (Watch the Behind the Scenes interview with Carol and Mariska and watch Mariska’s face when talking about working with Carol) 
  • I wonder if that’s what I would do if I ever met Carol.
  • I’d probably pee my pants.
  • Then cry…
  • Where the hell is Carol?  Who are these kids?  
  • Damn, is that a cleaver?
  • Whoa what happened?
  • COME ON get to Carol already!
  • GAWD she’s so amazing…
  • *squee*
  • MOTHER OF GOD.  I knew she was a good actress..but SHE IS A REALLY GOOD ACTRESS!  
  • That “nephew” is creepy as hell…
  • Shave that hideous mustache and he’d be cute…
  • Yeah, she’s ridin that…Go Birdie, you sexy bitch.
  • Haha, it’s like real Carol.  That Cougar.  GAH.  She’s so awesome.
  • I am not buying that the weirdo lover-boy murdered the husband…at least not by himself.  He’s kinda stupid.
  • Yeah, she killed him.  Totally.  Haha
  • That’s right Birdie, don’t you admit it.
  • AWW, Dr. Huang you’re so sweet!  
  • Why is her eye twitching?
  • Aww, she’s all shaky…
  • Wait.  She has cancer?  THA FUCK?
  • Wait…she has CANCER???
  • 5 months to live??
  • *sobbing*
  • It’s not real. It’s not for real.  IT’S NOT FOR REAL!!!  It’s just TV.
  • She offed all 5 of her husbands?  WOW, haha, I like crazy Carol!
  • She’s gonna die…
  • *sniffle*
  • Good, she’s not going down without taking lover-boy with her…
  • Carol in a hospital bed…looking very sick…IVs…VERY SICK.
  • *sniff sniff*
  • She has cancer.  Sad face.

So my mom nonchalantly asks me “Would you like a hand signed photo of Barbara Stanwyck for your birthday?”  
My response:  ”WHAT?  Are you kidding?”
Mom:  ”No.”
Me: “Well YES!”
Mom:  ”Ok.”
Me:  ”HOW????????”  

Long story short, mom proceeds to tell me how she found out someone she knows actually met her back in the 50s and she had an autographed photo.  Mom saw it, commented how I loved Barbara Stanwyck, and the lady gave it to her to give to me.

Only catch:  She won’t let me see it or have it until my birthday in March.  :(  I’m gonna keep working on her to give it to me early.

I had to make this before I went to bed.

I had to make this before I went to bed.

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