"Only I can change my life. Nobody can do it for me." -Carol Burnett

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How do you talk to Carol


I ask myself that question every single day.

Be HONEST with the anon, Chick! 

We talk to her by kneeling in submission to her at the shrines we each have in our rooms dedicated to the almighty Ceebs. We pray to her at the shrine asking for her divine kindness and comedic timing for our daily lives.

So build yourself a Carol shrine and get down on your knees. Bow to your queen.

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Carol, Erin and baby Zachary :) and the red socks!

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Carol Burnett did her famous ear tug! YES!

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Carol Burnett, my hilarious hero, on fallontonight! I would watch the hell out of “Tensions”.

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BLAIRSVILLE, Pa. (AP) — Actress and comedian Carol Burnett was honored by a Pennsylvania museum dedicated to actor Jimmy Stewart, a Hollywood star she was smitten with as a toddler during a trip to the movies with her grandmother in San Antonio, Texas.

"I saw this long, tall drink of water up there in black and white and I said, ‘He’s my friend. I know him,’" Burnett told The Associated Press before receiving the award. "And it came to pass."


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There’s our purty girl! :D

Damn she always looks so beautiful. Excuse me while I cry for a few hours.

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