"Only I can change my life. Nobody can do it for me." -Carol Burnett

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What’s this?

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Carol Burnett to receive Harvey Award

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Without the Ice the Earth Will Fall

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Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Carol Burnett, Carl Reiner

A Carol Burnett Special: Carol, Carl, Whoopi, and Robin {1987}

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You haven’t lived until you’ve watched an episode of Star Trek Voyager dubbed in German. The Germans really pride themselves on getting the sound of a voice, the inflections, and mannerisms of the characters as close as possible to the real thing…and they do a pretty good job, apart from a couple of things. Harry Kim sounds like a 13 year old boy and the Borg sound hilarious in German!

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Clash By Night (1952): behind the scenes - part 1

Reblogging despite the watermarks because MISSY WITH TWO BABIES.

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Dear Tumblr Pals,

I’m devastated today, as I received some terrible news last night. My best friend’s father had a stroke and has been placed in hospice care. He will be kept comfortable until he passes away. I’m in complete shock and I’m still reeling from this awful news. This man is truly a second father to me. I practically lived with their family when I was growing up. He and his wife have always been a major part of my life, and they have loved me and treated me like their own flesh and blood daughter. I still can’t quite grasp the fact that he’s going to die. Soon. 

This situation is very painful and hard to deal with for a number of reasons. First and foremost, I can’t imagine the pain my best friend must be going through. She and her dad are extremely close. I can’t stand seeing her suffering through this. It’s also difficult because it’s so easy to imagine myself in her shoes. Obviously I can’t accurately perceive what she’s feeling about losing her dad, but I can imagine what I would feel like if I were in her shoes. My dad and her dad are very close in age, which isn’t very old at all. It doesn’t seem right, or possible, that this is happening.  I called him a second father, which he very much is, but that’s not to say I’m not close to my own dad. I have terrific parents whom I am very close to, but my family and their family have been so close for so long they truly feel like an extension of our own family. I’m closer to their family than I am to most of my own family! I can’t even begin to describe all they’ve done for me, and I honestly can’t imagine life without him in it! I don’t want to imagine it, it’s too painful.

I share all of this for a couple of reasons. First, because whenever we are in pain it helps to get our thoughts and feelings out in the open. Whether by talking to someone or writing it down, it helps to get it off your chest. I’ve also been alerted to the fact that I don’t do a very good job keeping in touch with my friends here on tumblr, and that is a completely accurate statement. Ever since my injury last year, my life has been flipped upside down. With each passing month I seem to become more and more detached. Detached from everything. It’s not just my friends here on tumblr, but I’ve become very introverted in my everyday life as well. I only have a small group of people left that I maintain regular communication with. This family is part of that small group. Anyway, I have settled into the unhealthy habit of cutting everyone off and ignoring the reality of my situation. In order to keep from being reminded of my situation, I just avoid too much interaction with people. It’s a side effect of the major depression I’ve slipped into since my injury. The depression has really gotten worse recently, due to so many other bad things happening. I can’t seem to recover from one thing before another terrible thing happens. Depression has the tendency to make you feel like you’re drowning. You struggle to find a life preserver, but instead you keep getting pushed under.  I’ve been working on dealing with that depression lately, and as part of dealing with it, I’ve been making an effort to reconnect with friends (including tumblr), and trying not to block everything out. 

Until this nightmare is over, I’ll likely not be around tumblr much. We are unsure how long this process is going to take; but, we obviously hope it’ll be swift, uncomplicated, and pain-free. I’ll check in occasionally, when I’m able. In effort to take my mind off the pain I’m feeling as a result of this sad news, I’ve put together a queue to keep posting for me in my absence. It was a welcome temporary distraction. I don’t necessarily expect anyone to read this, but it felt good to write it down and get it out. I’ll be back soon, hope everyone enjoys my queue. 

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I was just thinking about how when a beloved celebrity dies, they usually come in threes.





And I was wondering if that would happen yet again and who it would be. Then I saw the headline on Yahoo…

  1. Robin Williams
  2. Lauren Bacall
  3. ?

It’s so sad! Lauren was one of the last of the great actresses from Hollywood’s golden age. Really makes you want to enjoy your favorite celebrities while they’re with us, because you just never know. It is also a little nerve-wracking when your absolute favorite celebrity, the one you fangirl over so hard it’s ridiculous, the one you love and admire SO MUCH it’s literally painful, is of an advanced age. This is the case for me, and I won’t even say her name for fear of what may happen…anyone who follows me and has the slightest interest in my blog knows who I’m talking about. I hate it because when your favorite person, the one you look up to most, is older you just never know…then again, nobody is guaranteed tomorrow. Anything could happen to anyone.

That was seriously morbid and pessimistic…but it’s how I feel. We’ve lost two true greats over the course of less than 2 days. It’s so depressing, so sad…:(


James Garner and Elaine Stritch make four.


I guess it depends on when you start counting. I had counted James Garner and Elaine Stritch in another group of three, but luponista and lifeisducky are right. Their recent deaths could count, or it could be Elaine, James, and Robin, and Lauren Bacall has started yet another group of three. God I hope not. It’s just so sad. I just think about all the amazing people who were some of the greatest actors/actresses of all time…I can’t bear the thought of losing them. Bottom line, I just hate how all these amazing people tend to die in clumps. No time to mourn and adjust to life without them before someone else goes. IT SUCKS.

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Voyager meets Mean Girls (Inspired by this post)

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